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App status

Application status 
available, development, target

Other platform applications
 for Windows / Windows Phone / Windows Mobile
for Mac OSX / iOS
for Linux
for Android

Platform specific applications
X65 marked app can run on each machine
 this flag indicates 65K application is available in 8-bit mode
 this flag indicates 65K application is available in 16-bit mode

Application version available for specific machine

version for Commodore 128 available

version for Commodore 64 available

version for Mega 65 available

version for Mega 65 and real Commodore 65 compatible available

Application status
 if application is missing this download button, is not yet available, this button allows to download it
If is application machine specific, and is only in plan or design, machine specific flag is in greyscale:
Flags can be combined by status and availability

Machine specific versions of application can have flag also in name, here are examples:
Notepad 128 - app version for Commodore 128
Notepad 64 - app version for Commodore 64 or C64 mode of Commodore 128 or Mega 65
Notepad 65 - app version for Mega 65 and real Commodore 65 compatible
Notepad 165 - app version for Mega 65
Notepad 164 - app version for Commodore 64 with SuperCPU or C64 mode of Commodore 128 with SuperCPU
Notepad 16 - app version for Commodore 128 with SuperCPU
Notepad 80 - app version based on Z80 CPU for Commodore 128 or Commodore 64
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