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File Manager, Internet browser and Dashboard all in one. Main frame displays contents of drives, directories or partitions, can be arranged by icons, list or details. Title bar contains OverLook name and controls (in order from left to right):
Lock Computer - locks desktop and requires password to work again, without password is possible only restart computer and it shows at system startup message that system was not closed correctly
The Act button - saves currently opened tabs and allows to restore them at new start
Restore button - to restore saved tabs
Center Screen - moves window to center of screen
Hide To Title Bar - hides contents of window to title bar
Window On Top - displays window on top over all other also when is inactive
Restore - restores window from fullscren mode to last dimensions
Minimize - hides window, visible will be again by app switch of main menu bar
Maximize - shows window in fullscreen mode
Close - terminates window and all tabs opened in
OverLook uses tabs for easier access more than one folder or webpage in one window, of course is possible to open in new window


OverView is lightweight file browser. It allows to browse and copy, delete or other manipulating with files, also execute them. You can switch between drives by flip button and get detailed info not only in status bar, for more details you can push Info button. It's text based file explorer targetted to cLIVE

Notes (earlier Sticky Notes)

Easy to use, handy app for writting all notes which you want. You have free 100 pages of notes switchable by buttons (can work in cLIVE)


Notepad is text based app to edit plain text files with selectable encoding (can work in cLIVE)


Notepad+ is enhanced version of Notepad. Allows to edit text files, documents with all possibilities to change fonts, proportional or fixed-width, formatting and insert graphics. Allows also to edit plain text files. Can work in cLIVE

Code Writer

Code Writer is tool for edit source codes with syntax auto-check and commands prediction. Currently supports only Basic 7.0, for begin. Later will be supported every Commodore Basic version up to v10 and few extensions. Also other programming languages, of course assembler and scripting or other will be supported, look into C65 apps for C65 version. Can work in cLIVE
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