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Common features

Multitasking modern operating system
8-bit CPU in X65 architecture

cLIVE UI and its apps
What is cLIVE?
It's common user interface which can run on each machine, earlier named AQA, LiAM, later FACE, now I want to make it clear:
Common Lite Integrated Versatile Environment

IDEA UI and its apps
What is IDEA?
It's advanced user interface which can run on Commodore 128, Commodore 65 and Mega 65:
Integrated Desktop Environment for Applications

The Ace system can work in three CPU modes
Protected Mode
- safe mode for each machine, X65 standard opcodes only
Enhanced Mode
- this mode can be set if system works on Mega 65 or is available SuperCPU, works with all opcodes of 65X and 65K family
Complex Mode
- uses whole instruction set of X65 family and currently cannot run on Mega 65 and with SuperCPU
- Complex Mode is always used when are running X80 family apps for Commodore 128 or 64
- when will be work on emulated 6502 CPU of Mega 65 finished, this mode will be available also on Mega 65

System components
input devices mouse, joystick, lightpen, trackball, touchpad
network support
printer output
IDEA UI requires 16K VideoRAM only
IDEA features Workspaces available by flip button - every workspace has own resolution, icons, wallpaper and running apps
cLIVE UI is designed for lowest requirements for running on each machine
Major languages support
The Everrest - display saver - turns after selected time colors of screens to black
Real Time Clock with Calendar to manage your time
The Finder - search engine
three button mouse support and buttons combinations for easier access
mouse wheel support by Micromys
experimental control by lightpen
multi-clipboard - text, graphics and files
EMM - totally relocatable code in RAM powered by SinCore with defragment memory function
maximum running apps at the same time configuration
File Sharing - indication in which applications and workspaces is file used and its sync
The Actsaves your sessions in apps
Apps with opened multiple items is easy to close and all your items The Act stores. At new opening app, you can open only one item and all were far away. The Act can at new opening app by simple button restore all app items stored by The Act.

This extension is available in IDEA UI only.
Allows to use more than one desktop. By simple click you can switch between desktops, create new or delete selected and every desktop can have opened own apps without loose anything. Each desktop can have own graphic mode, wallpaper and icons. At end of session of The Ace are all created workspaces saved to their folders and after new start of The Ace is always loaded first workspace. For edited files it has common folder to avoid conflicts with one file opened in more than one workspace. At switch are edited files stored to this folder until is file saved by user. Then is document saved to its location. Workspaces common folder items are temporary. Workspaces are not limited by RAM size or computer possibilities 'cause at once can run only one workspace, at switch is current saved to disk and loaded next, so its limited by disk size. This has also side effect 'cause all settings and states must to be loaded from disk, so it's not so flexible, but also useful. In cLIVE UI is this extension not available, but there can run also more than one app at once, but in fullscreen mode.
This extension is similar to The Act, difference is that The Act works with apps, Workspaces working with Desktops
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