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Commodore 128 features

MOS-8502 8-bit CPU with 16-bit addressing up to 2 MHz in X65 architecture
Zilog Z80 8-bit CPU with 16-bit addressing up to 4 MHz in X80 architecture
128K base RAM with separate 16K up to 64K VideoRAM
2 desktop system
cLIVE UI and its apps working on VIC-IIe videochip with resolution up to 320×400 pixels in 16 colors and sprites
IDEA UI with its apps working on VDC videochip with resolution from 320×200 up to 800×600 pixels in 16 colors
Z80 CPU and its apps currently in single tasking mode
VDC videochip allows work cLIVE apps also in its screen
cLIVE UI desktop limites 8502 CPU to ~1,3 MHz and Z80 CPU to 2 MHz maximally
Commodore 128 has 2 video subsystems and this allows to use 2 desktops. For VDC desktop is designed IDEA UI and for VIC-IIe desktop is designed cLIVE UI. Both can work together or in single desktop mode with user selection of active UI. When is active IDEA UI, computer can run faster, when cLIVE, computer can use Video RAM as RAMdisk.

features these VDC resolutions support:
640×136 pixels 8×2 color cells 16 colors*
640×200 pixels monochrome*
640×200 pixels 8×2 color cells 16 colors
640×240 pixels 8×2 color cells 16 colors
640×288 pixels 8×2 color cells 16 colors
640×480 pixels 8×2 color cells 16 colors interlaced
640×576 pixels 8×3 color cells 16 colors interlaced
800×300 pixels monochrome
800×600 pixels monochrome
*possible to use with 16K Video RAM

calculates as so low as possible lowest requirements for use on each machine. I was inspired by Windows 8 UI, maybe it's for anybody plagiarism, but with lowest capabilities everybody must to calculate what to do with 40×25 text screen or 320×200 pixels in 16 colors resolution. I found this solution and my inspiration is my decision only. Everybody knows that Windows 8 was Microsoft's first attempt to touch based interface and I plan support of lightpen or other touch device.
At start of system cLIVE displays start screen. On start screen are displayed pre-selected apps (possible to change them) and bookmarks bar of main groups. Quasi-Live tiles displaying files opened in apps.

cLIVE UI features these VIC-IIe resolutions support:
320×200 pixels 8×8 color cells 16 colors and sprites
320×400 pixels 8×8 color cells 16 colors interlaced and sprites
40×25 textmode
37×50 textmode interlaced

Color cells (in pixels) are defined for attribute clash and one cell can have 2 colors only

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