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Advanced Computer Environment
No more editions, no more separating - The Ace is now together for Commodore's computers trefoil

Commodore 128, Commodore 64, Commodore 65

What it means?
The Ace was not yet released, reason is that I decided to make really versatile modern operating system. Like yet in team we decided to cancel 8-bit and 16-bit editions and put them together - that 16-bit apps will work if will be hardware able to execute them, now I decided to make The Ace editions together in one - machine specific parts will be not common
Why these computers?
Commodore 128 - I'm active user and programmer of this computer and Z80 CPU is inside. Why Z80 is in The Ace? I want to use all possibilities and my real first discovering computing was on ZX Spectrum Czechoslovak clone - and heart of Speccy is Z80
when The Ace project was born, it was Advanced Commodore Environment for Commodore 128, other are derivates
Commodore 64 - this model was first my own computer and first steps in programming I did with C64
Commodore 65 - never released, but my dream and now reality: Mega 65 - it's bit like SuperCPU for C65 and even more
Looks too subjective opinion without looking at users?
Each computer of these three can work in C64 mode
Commodore 128 and Commodore 64 have SuperCPU - 16-bit CPU with lot of RAM and high speed - available
Commodore 128 has inside Z80 CPU and Commodore 64 in cartridge - this opens door to X80 family - look for more here
Mega 65 can to use lot of Commodore 128 features and even more
Still no idea?
Each computer has legal opcodes the same, even SuperCPU has 6502 emulated mode
Illegal opcodes are the same also in Commodore 128 and Commodore 64 and soon Mega 65 too...
Mega 65 will support CPU selection for C65 and C64 modes between 65CE02 and 6502 CPU - so C64 100% binary compatible and C65 100% binary compatible!
SuperCPU have instead illegal opcodes enhanced instruction set - so its enhancements can be used
It means single core. Earlier was core named Singular Core by Singularity, shortly SinCore - anybody could extract only word Sin what is not true, me personally wanted Synced Core - Synchronized Core, few days I used it.
Now it's SinCore shortly named Single Core - based on legal opcodes of X65 architecture and machine specific 65K, X80 and X65 extended (65CE02 CPU) architecture - so base is wide
I'm fan of 264 Series too, CPUs of these machines have same architecture, but it's all what is common. If we look at unexpanded RAM size Commodore 16, Commodore 116 have 16K only and Commodore 232 32K only and it's too small size
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