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SuperCPU 64 or 128 for Commodore 64 or 128

WDC 65816 CPU at up to 20 MHz in 8-bit or 16-bit mode with 24-bit addressing in 65K architecture
- in case of Commodore 128 SuperCPU disables running Z80 CPU inside C128, but Z80 apps can be available
- using SuperCPU 64 with Commodore 128 allows run C64 mode only
- in case of Mega 65 unusable
- clocking at 1 MHz or 2 MHz (C128) up to 20 MHz
- separate SuperRAM up to 16 MB as CPU RAM
8-bit mode is emulating 6502 CPU with 65K opcodes which replacing X65 illegal opcodes
- 16-bit native mode in full operating 65K architecture in Enhanced Mode
- takes control over all disables use of Z80 CPU in Commodore 128, but not Z80 in cartridge
X65 illegal opcodes are replaced by 65K enhanced opcodes so can work only in Safe Mode
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