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Zilog Z80

Zilog Z80 CPU
available for Commodore 128 and Commodore 64
even if are working with SuperCPU!

Yes, you read true words. For Commodore 128 and 64.
We all know that Commodore 128 inside is Z80 CPU. Less of us know about Z80 cartridges. Most known is CP/M Cartridge for Commodore 64. This contains Z80 CPU too, CP/M Operating System works on X80 family base. But each owner of Commodore 128 knows that Z80 CPU is in C64 mode unavailable, each owner of SuperCPU knows that Z80 is not available in Commodore 128 totally if is SuperCPU turned on... and always was here problem of support X80 apps in The Ace for Commodore 128
Now is all solved.
I could to test and own CP/M cartridge, tests results were amazing and makes X80 family support in The Ace more higher. When we look at possibilities we must to write all differences. So: In past was for SuperCPU owners, when was SuperCPU turned on, Z80 unavailable 'cause SuperCPU at power on takes control over all, so it makes X80 apps available only for users without SuperCPU and even only for Commodore 128 users. The Ace now supports also CP/M cartridge which contains Z80 CPU and is designed for Commodore 64, but don't worry C128 users, works with Commodore 128 too, so now let me explain it all:

Commodore 64 users without SuperCPU
- available 6510 and Z80 CPUs - X65 and X80 apps available
Commodore 64 users with SuperCPU
- available 65816 and Z80 CPUs - 65K with X65 RISC and X80 apps available
Commodore 128 users wihout SuperCPU
- available 8502 and Z80 inside C128 and even Z80 CPU inside cartridge - 3 CPUs! X65 and X80 apps available
Commodore 128 users with SuperCPU
- avaialble 65816 and Z80 CPU inside cartridge - 65K with X65 RISC and X80 apps available
- even Z80 can be call from 65816 native 16-bit mode and turned back!
Commodore 128 in C64 mode with or without SuperCPU
- same as Commodore 64

So, like The Ace supports 65816 for Commodore 64 and 128, supports Z80 for C64 and 128 too. Next step is to make X80 apps working in multitasking 'cause to today were single tasking
We can name The Ace CPU family support like X6580 :) X65, 65K, 65X, X80...
Now we know more:
Z80 inside C128 is clocking normally to 4MHz but for VIC-IIe sync is downclocked to 2MHz
Z80 inside CP/M cartridge is clocking normally to 8MHz for same reason is downclocked to 4MHz and works effective on ~3MHz
Both CPUs have other memory addressing and supports 64K RAM only
Else Z80 Videopak exists and if will be possible to test it can be supported. Before X80 app start must The Ace check what a CPU runs for correct addressing
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